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Ιατρική παρακολούθηση

Stegi Agapis

Medical monitoring daily by a cooperating pathologist.

Visiting the rooms daily to monitor the interns together with the shift supervisor. Updating their health status, monitoring vital functions, updating medical records and prescribing medicines and tests. Psychological support for the interns and personal contact with them on issues and questions they may have about their health.

24-hour care of the unit's ecologists.

The staff, both nursing and auxiliary, takes care of the daily care of the interns both in terms of their hygiene (local and whole body), as well as their safe feeding and hydration, with respect to the particularities of each intern. The geriatric care we offer includes:

  1. Supervision of taking medication morning, noon, evening or whenever necessary.
  2. Help with food and fluid intake.
  3. Personalised support in activities of daily living (personal hygiene, clothing, mobilisation).
  4. Change of probes
  5. Precipitation treatment.
  6. Providing first aid.
  7. Care, where necessary, for their safe movement to and from their bed, mobilisation and wheelchair transport to public areas for their socialisation, and to the dining room (whenever possible) for their feeding.
  8. Monitoring vital functions, helping with their daily needs and supporting them in whatever they need.
  9. Our cooperation with a pharmacy and a microbiological laboratory allows us to ensure the immediate provision of medication for our guests and the monitoring of their health within our unit.
  10. There is also the possibility of linking with other professional specialties depending on the needs (e.g. neurologist, cardiologist, dentist, ophthalmologist, etc.).

Note !

Stegi Agapis does not provide services of a Hospital/Hospital or Centre
Rehabilitation. To address the health issues of Homemakers in addition to the
of a current nature, the boarding party should be taken to a hospital or other
appropriate hospital.

Preventive Protection of Farmers.

All necessary preventive measures for the treatment of viral diseases, seasonal influenza, covid 19 etc. are followed in the context of compliance with hygiene rules, as defined by EOPYY and the Region of Attica, including the compulsory vaccination for covid 19.

Physiotherapy support.

In our unit, individualized physiotherapy sessions are provided from Monday to Friday depending on the needs of each resident. The therapeutic interventions followed belong to the field of geriatric physiotherapy. Movement therapy, therapeutic massage, respiratory physiotherapy as well as gait retraining are provided by the physiotherapy programme with the aim of optimising the quality of the guest's daily life. Also once a week the group kinesitherapy program is carried out in the context of creative occupation and improvement of functional activities.

Socializing and entertaining ecotourists.

Volunteers and friends perfectly adapted to the way the space operates and to the needs of the ecotourists, provide entertainment and employment services for our ecotourists. Twice a week there is a program of painting, music and discussion. It is of major importance to socialize and occupy the ecotourists because the expression "a healthy mind in a healthy body" fits perfectly with the ideology and principles that the site has been advocating since the beginning of its operation.
We also make sure that we regularly create beautiful music and dance events, where of course the residents themselves participate, for their mental upliftment.

Cleaning services for linen and bed linen.

Stegi Agapis provides laundry services for the clothes and bedding of the hosts. With professional equipment in washing machines and dryers we take care of the cleaning of the clothes and their disinfection as well as their placement in the wardrobes of the boarders.

Feeding in Stegi Agapis

The feeding of our interns includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon and dinner. All meals are prepared under the instructions of the scientifically responsible doctor and according to the needs of each resident. They are made with love and passion by our experienced cook, who uses, among other things, products from the organic crops in the gardens of Stegi Agapis, such as vegetables, olives and fruits.


The morning meal includes a drink, milk or tea, accompanied by bread or breadcrumbs with butter, honey or jam. Also alternatively breakfast includes cheese, egg, or toast.


Lunch varies from greens, legumes, fish, white meat (chicken) and beef or pork accompanied by rice, pasta, mashed potatoes or barley. Salad, fruit and dessert complete the meal.

Lunch & Dinner

Brunch and dinner include Greek coffee or tea with a treat (pastries and/or biscuits and/or cakes). Everything is adapted to the diet of the ecotourists.


Dinner includes a lighter diet. Yoghurt, soups (grass soup, meat soup or chicken soup) as well as omelettes, pasta with sauce or pies (cheese or spanakopita) are what will complete the daily diet. For those who prefer or require something lighter, a cream or rice pudding or compote will cover them.